We Are A Local Company

Welcome to Cargo Wrap. We believe we have an innovative solution to a common problem. Cargo Wrap is designed to keep all of your cargo from sliding around, regardless of whether it's construction equipment, toolboxes or sports gear. Cargo Wraps are flexible and can adapt to any item you are hauling.

In the small northwestern town of Atkinson, IL you'll find Traeyne Corp., the home of Cargo Wrap. We are proud to be American owned and employ local people to assemble, package and distribute our product. We use other Illinois companies to supply us with such products and services as plastic parts, packaging and graphic design. We believe in our product, and hope it can help you!

- From the Cargo Wrap Team -

How Cargo Wrap Works

The idea for Cargo Wrap was born of necessity. We work closely with an RV dealership and knew a lot of the customers were frustrated with items moving or falling over in their campers. Our owner Tom is a pretty active guy and he had the same problem in the back of his pickup. He tried everything he could think of to stabilize the items in the back of his truck: cinderblocks, ratchet straps, bungee cords, nets, chains and even sandbags. As Tom passed the age of 50, he knew he couldn't continue climbing to the front of his truck bed to retrieve items, including the things he had used to secure his load. He had to come up with a better solution and that it needed to stay put, but be easy to handle and store; it had to be long and flexible and it had to be waterproof and freezeproof.

As Tom puts it, "BAM!" the Cargo Wrap was born. Made of butyl rubber, much like an inner tube, the Cargo Wrap is tough, flexible and won't slide around. We have two items, a Consumer Grade and a Contractor Grade. Both versions are 6 feet long, the Consumer version measuring 4 inches in diameter, whereas the Contractor Grade one is 5 1/2 inches. The Consumer model weighs 25 lbs and the Contractor Grade style weighs 45 lbs. Toss the Cargo Wrap into the back of your truck, SUV, camper, trailer or anywhere else you need things to stay put, wrapping it around your cargo. The items will stay put, keeping them secure and within reach when it's time to unload. The wraps are sold unfilled, saving you money that shipping costs would've added. You can then fill the tubes with pea gravel, sand or anything else that works for you.